Maternity nursing at Shardeloes House

During World War 2 Car was at the maternity unit in Shardeloes House, near Amersham.  She was great friend of Mrs Tyrwhitt-Drake, who lived there.

Car made a painting of the activity, which is on the back of two of her windmill paintings.  Although Car often painted on the back of other paintings, this the only known instance of her using two pieces of paper joined up.

The left half is on the back of a painting of Ash Mill, Kent.  The right half is on the back of a painting of Herne windmill, Kent.

A photograph in the collection held by the Amersham Museum records the same scene and confirms the location.

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Red Cross working party at The Tithe Barn »

Wings for Victory: Lancaster bomber in Trafalger Square

Wings for Victory (water colour 13″ x 11″)

In 1943 a Wings for Victory week was held, raising funds for building aircraft.  A Lancaster bomber was exhibited in front of the National Gallery.

During the opening ceremony for the week, 1300 carrier pigeons were released, bearing messages to the 1300 fund-raising committees.   Car captured the moment in this water colour.

There is a Pathé New Reel of the event and the pigeons here.

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Red Cross working party at The Tithe Barn

Car was active in the Red Cross during Wold War 1 and working parties prepared bandages and comforts for the troops.  This painting shows one of these parties in the studio at The Tithe Barn.

When the supplies were ready they were sent not to any ordinary collection point but to HM The Queen no less, for I have seen a letter from Her Majesty’s equerry thanking the ladies for their latest parcel.

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