Convalescing soldiers

During World War 1, Car worked with the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) nursing convalescing wounded soldiers.  She made over one hundred sketches of some of her charges, which can be viewed here.  Twenty five of her subjects are unidentified but, unusually for Car, for many she recorded the rank, name, regiment and, in some cases, where they were wounded.  There are also three sketches of nurses.  Names followed by * in the list below have been matched with Forces War Records.

Most of the patients are wearing the standard issue blue hospital suit with red tie.  This was somewhat notorious and not always popular.  There were claims that it marked the wearer out, should they steal off to the pub!  It also served to indicated that the wearer was not avoiding war service.

This set of paintings is a fascinating record of Car’s charges. The location(s) has not yet been determined, but records show she worked at the hospitals at Wainfleet; Boxmoor House, Boxmoor; and the Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital, The Old Place, Lincoln.  Any clarification of the various military abbreviations or terminology or links to other sources about the subjects are welcomed.   Please comment on the relevant page.

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